Our Story



Mission Statement:

We transform one life at a time by delivering a great home that strengthens community.

Accountability     -     Trust    -    Team Focus

Core Values:      

We offer The Best Price, Selection, and Service, by

•         Building in communities with the best locations, value engineering quality into the most current designs and passing those savings along to our customers.

•         We having a passionate expert team helping our customers accomplish the American Dream of homeownership.

•         Continually improving  our product, processes and people

It is our goal to provide home buying consumers with the right mix of style and quality at the right price. McGuinn Hybrid Homes prides itself as a company in identifying the best pieces of infill land and specifically designing the right mix of plans at the right price to offer to our identified target markets.

McGuinn Hybrid Homes utilizes the Your Home, Your Way process which was designed to give budget minded buyers a custom home feel to their home buying experience. The Your Home, Your Way process allows the homeowner to choose every interior & exterior detail that fits their taste and budget. They are involved in all stages of the new home building process including participation in a preconstruction meeting, predrywall meeting and homeowner orientation. When other builders say "No" McGuinn Hybrid Homes strives to tell the buyer "YES".

We want to ensure that each of our client's home buying experience is more than writing a contract on a house & moving in after closing. We want it to be an interactive experience where the buyer is an active participant in the design, construction and closing of THEIR HOME.

Award Winning

Our mission statement is simple: Quality and Closings. Every Builder promises quality in their new homes, however, at McGuinn Hybrid Homes we are defining our level of quality with our Gold Seal Promise

Master Builder

Choosing a builder to build your home can be difficult. That's one reason why the Certified Master Builder of South Carolina program was created - to help you choose a professional to build your home. Certified Master Builders have a proven track record of stability, integrity and service to their buyers. Certified Master Builders are the pioneers of the industry, raising the bar by increasing the level of professionalism and homeowner satisfaction.