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Our Process

The process of buying and building a new construction home is exciting. McGuinn Hybrid Homes makes sure of it!

Step #1. Get pre-approved.

Talk to a mortgage lender to pre-qualify for the loan. Then you can shop with confidence that you can purchase the home you fall in love with. Whether you’re purchasing one of our available homes or having us build one for you, you only need one loan (no construction loan is required).


Step #2. Choose your home and selections

Select the home from our floor plans and decided where you want to build—in one of our communities or on your land. You’ll sign the agreement that presents all the details involved in the construction and completion of your new home. 

Choose colors (interior and exterior), fixtures, flooring, countertops, flooring, and more.


Step #3. Attend the orientation meeting and stay tuned in

Meet with the McGuinn Hybrid Homes team, including your construction supervisor, to review the details of your home’s schedule and get answers to your questions about this process. 

Throughout the construction process, we'll provide you with regular updates on the progress. If you ever have any questions, contact your construction supervisor.


Step #4. Delivery Tour

When the home is completed, we’ll give you an in-depth tour. You’ll learn how everything works and we’ll review the warranty coverage. You can let us know if there’s anything that needs to be addressed prior to closing.


Step #5. Close on your new home.

It’s time to take ownership! Once the closing is complete, we hand you the keys and it’s time to start your new life.

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