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Why Choose McGuinn Hybrid Homes to Build on Your Land?

May 8, 2019

There’s a lot to consider when comparing one homebuilder to another. Why choose McGuinn Hybrid Homes to build on your land? Your decision is going to impact your life, every day, for many years to come, so be sure you understand what you need to know.

Experience matters.It’s one thing to build homes on developed land, like in a neighborhood. If you want your home on land that needs excavation and utilities, you need specific expertise in siting and development. Some land will require more work to prepare to build on than others, and it takes a skilled eye to know what to look for. Tim Rawlings is McGuinn Hybrid Homes specialist on all matters relating to building a home on your lot. He gladly visits homesites with buyers to make sure it’s buildable and what will be involved. Tim urges anyone who is preparing to buy land for a home to talk to a builder first. Know what that land presents for challenges. Even if you can build on it, you might not be able to site your home where you’d like it, or the specifications of your desired home might not work with particular property. It’s far better to be certain before you purchase the land!

There’s no guesswork to the final price.Builders will give you a price per square foot, but it varies greatly from one company to the next. When you’ve purchased a floor plan that you’re presenting to the builder, that design represents their first “go” at these specifications. Will the process be flawless? Maybe. There might be errors in the plans (it happens) or a builder who’s unfamiliar might make a mistake. Either way, it’s costly.  One customer told us a builder quoted $360,000 for a 2,800-square-foot house, only to see that number jump to $420,000 before any work had been done. They came to us. We quoted $320,000 and the final price of the home was $320,000.McGuinn Hybrid Homes build single-family homes from our extensive portfolio of plans, so we have the experience to avoid errors, as well as work more efficiently. We’re not buying supplies in a one-off manner, but in higher volume, which affords lower prices. We know how to build each home and what it costs. The price we quote is the final price. You get complete details of what’s included, right down to the fixtures. Our all-inclusive price ranges from $64 to $84 per square foot. As long as you don’t make changes after the contract is signed, your bottom line stays right where it is.Can you personalize your home? Of course! We go through all of the options to make this home truly your own. You’ll find that many of the features that other builders might consider an “upgrade” are included in our homes.

Energy-efficiency is our middle name (well, sort of).We’ve spent years committed to sustainable building practices. We’ve explored the practices, products, and materials that contribute to a healthier, more energy-efficient home. It doesn’t cost extra to do it right. You just need to know how.Our new homes include all of the following standard features for energy efficiency and indoor air quality:

  • Natural gas heat
  • Low-maintenance vinyl siding
  • Insulated thermal envelope
  • Radiant barrier sheathing
  • Tankless water heater
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Low-E vinyl windows
  • 14 SEER air conditioning system
  • Water-saving plumbing fixtures
  • Engineered roof and floor trusses, stair assemblies, and heating and cooling systems
  • Low-VOC paint
  • Programmable thermostat
  • CFL light bulbs

We’ll call you back.This might sound strange, but once you begin contacting builders, you’ll appreciate the importance of getting a return call.“It shouldn’t be unique, but it is,” Tim says. “People tell us we’re the only builder who calls them back.”You’re a valued customer, and should be treated like one. From your first call, through the building process, and long after you’ve moved in, our team is here to answer your questions.

Your warranty stays with us.Your new home comes with a builder’s warranty. Your coverage begins when you take ownership, so we do a walk-through before closing to review every detail. You’ll know what your coverage includes and have a chance to point out anything that needs our attention. Once you take the keys and move in, we’ll still be here to help. McGuinn Hybrid Homes handles all warranty issues in-house. We don’t turn it over to a third-party, like many builders choose to do. We built your home. We take responsibility for our work (and a lot of pride in it, too).Think about what you expect from a homebuilder. Quality craftsmanship. Personal service. Respect for your time and your budget. The ability to build the home you’ve envisioned. It’s a partnership. McGuinn Hybrid Homes wants to be this partner for you. We build throughout the Columbia, SC, area. Please contact Tim Rawlings to get started on the discussion.  

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