What’s a HERS rating and why you shouldn’t care….

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Why do some builders use “HERS” ratings to attempt to sell a customer on energy and technology?

Go into one of our competitor’s model homes today and you may hear the salesperson tell you that every home they sell comes with a HERS Rating. What does that mean and should it matter?

The HERS rating is a rating system for measuring energy efficiency.  There is no standard rating system in the home building industry, and the HERS is one of 10 different tests created by 10 different rating organizations to demonstrate that homes are built with energy-saving features and materials. These 10 companies compete against each other, and each claims to have created the standard test for measuring energy efficiency, although clearly not one of them has done so. A test costs between $300 and $1000, and is performed by independent raters. The builder selects which company’s test they will have performed, and that test is paid for by the builder (built into their costs, then passed on to their customers).  The results are used as a marketing tool by that builder, attempting to convince the buyer that their homes are better on energy and technology than the next guy’s.

Tests like this have, happily, become unnecessary.  Every building code has been strengthened over the years so that in order for a home to meet code, it will also score well on HERS or other rating tests, as long as the materials and features have been installed correctly.

front cover of McGuinn Hybrid Homes brochureMcGuinn Hybrid Homes has considered and declined the use of these tests. During its 32 year history of home-building, McGuinn has been all about setting standards, not meeting them.  Our mission is to deliver a well-built home that exceeds building codes in almost every respect, and to do it at a price your family can afford.  Adding $300 – $1000 in costs to each of our homes with no benefit to our buyers is completely against our mission statement.

When it comes to energy efficiency, it not only matters what materials and technologies are used, but also how they are applied. Our field technicians are trained to get it right!  That is something that a test like HERS cannot ascertain.

First, our homes are framed with components that make the home stronger and straighter! Our homes are safer in all weather.  We incorporate space-age house wrap, we install radiant barrier sheathing, we include programmable thermostats, a super-efficient AC system, Energy Star appliances, tankless water heater, low heat, long life light bulbs and more. Every part works together to make the McGuinn Hybrid System the industry’s standard for energy efficiency. Designed and tested with over 30 years of home building mastery by a Master Builder, Wade McGuinn, so you are guaranteed a smarter, healthier way to live!

Is your utility bill out of control and your comfort level down? On average, a McGuinn Hybrid Home costs $100 less in monthly utility bills, and $100 less in monthly home-maintenance and repairs than homes built just 10 years ago.  Do you or your child suffer from allergies? Do you dust all the time in your current home? The McGuinn Hybrid System creates indoor air quality that is free of  dust, pollen, bugs and excessive humidity. Our use of VOC-free material means we are not adding unwanted chemicals to the air of our homes.

In conclusion, why pay for an unnecessary test?  With a McGuinn Hybrid Home, you are purchasing a home that has stood the test of time.  Ask us about a HERS rating, and we will tell you about McGuinn Hybrid Home features and the resulting benefits to you, our homebuyer.  Because in the end, that’s really what matters. We don’t want you to have to pay for a marketing tool for us  (like the HERS test) that does nothing for you. We’d rather give you free window blinds for your new home.  Would you like that too?

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