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Congratulations on owning your own home! Now that you do, you can’t depend on your landlord (or parents) to fix that squeaky door. Here’s a list of tools to keep at your home in case you have a small item that needs repair:
1. Assorted screwdrivers – Especially a standard (flat) and Phillips. You’ll need these for various jobs around the house; everything from tightening the loose screws on your computer desk to putting together a new futon.
2. Claw hammer – (that’s just a regular hammer with that claw-looking end) You’ll need a hammer to hang pictures (and the claw to pull the nails out when you decide you haven’t hung the pictures in the right place).
3. Level – (that’s the little thing with the bubble that shows you if something is level) You want those pictures to be straight, right?
4. Duct tape – (that’s the silver tape) Duct tape is great for temporarily fixing a small leak under the sink, until the plumber can get there. It’s super sticky.
5. WD-40 – This lubricant is great for squeaky door hinges. It just takes a tiny bit. If you have kids, it will take crayon out of clothes and off walls. Go to their website for directions.
6. Tape measure – This will come in handy for measuring for those new window treatments.
7. Power drill – There are some new light-weight cordless drills that are great for light use around the house. They come in handy when you want to add some shelving to a closet.
8. Utility knife – Definitely a must-have tool to have in the home. The utility knife can be used for a ton of projects, as simple as cutting open boxes and packaging to DIY home improvement jobs like cutting drywall, insulation, and old carpeting or removing old caulking.
9. Stud finder – You don’t need a stud finder, but it makes life a whole lot easier when trying to hang things on the wall. It’s not a fun thing when you hear a giant crash from your bedroom closet and find all your clothes lying on the floor because the screws pulled out of the wall!
10. Safety goggles – Like a stud finder, you don’t need safety goggles, but it’s not a bad idea if you value your eyeballs.
11. Pliers – This tool is great for gripping things you don’t want your fingers to (or don’t want to risk breaking a nail!) and bending things you don’t have the muscle to do yourself.
12. Wrenches – Good for tightening (or loosening) nuts, bolts, pipes, and more.
13. Plunger – A plunger is one of those must-have tools that you really should have before you actually need it. Trust me.
14. Ladder and step stool – Besides the obvious uses – to get in the attic, on the roof, etc. – a step stool or ladder is good to have for less-obvious reasons too, like when the smoke alarm is screaming over the toast you burnt, or your mother-in-law somehow notices all the dust accumulating on the blades of your ceiling fan.
Other Must-Have Tools for Basic Home Repairs
Do you have any home improvement tools you couldn’t imagine getting by without? Leave a comment to let us know what your must-have tools are!


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