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Tips to Make the Most of This Year's Spring Cleaning

April 19, 2022

We’re already a few weeks into the spring season, and there’s no better way to get back into your warm weather groove than a traditional spring cleaning. If you've found yourself putting off your spring cleaning checklist or having trouble finding the motivation, you’re definitely not alone—as it can be tough to find inspiration and difficult to know exactly where you should begin. At McGuinn Hybrid Homes, we’re here to help—so continue reading to find a few simple tips to make the most of this year's spring cleaning. 

A woman preparing her McGuinn home for spring .

Plan and prep

With a job as big as spring cleaning, it’s important to have a plan before digging in. Scope out your home to see what exactly you’re working with—whether it be a month's worth of cleaning or a day—and plan from there. Map out your objectives for each room throughout your McGuinn home and highlight the areas that need more attention. Choose a time frame for your cleaning adventures based around your schedule, even if it’s just for 30 minutes a few times a week. 

Although it may be tempting to jump right in without a plan, having a set schedule will help make sure everything on your spring cleaning list gets accomplished efficiently and successfully. To take it a step further, hang your schedule or checklist on the fridge or in one of the hallways of your home—and you can even color code the tasks based upon each family member or room for extra efficiency. Get creative with your planning, and let the successful cleaning follow. 

Get organized

There’s no doubt that all of us have collected clutter over the past year—between the holidays, the hectic weather and anything in between. Conquering your cluttered corners, closets and any other crowded spaces in your home is a great way to make your spring cleaning a whole lot easier—after all, it’s difficult to clean where there’s chaos. 

First, separate your cluttered belongings into categories of things to keep, donate or sell. Find new spaces to put your things, such as our spacious garages or closets, or add methods of storage for your keepsake items. Have a quick yard sale or post online for your items with value—and if you have any left, take them to local donation centers or thrift stores. It’s best to get rid of as much clutter as possible to maximize your spring cleaning, and we know you’ll feel a million times better after clearing out those crowded spaces in your home. Once you have spacious and open rooms, floors, closets and corners in your home—you’ll be ready for the ultimate spring cleaning.

Divide it up

Tackling spring cleaning in your home can be a huge task to take on, and you’re going to need some structure and process to get it done efficiently. Add some method to the madness by breaking down your cleaning from room to room, and although it may not seem like a huge step—it makes an incredible difference. 

Instead of being scattered throughout the house, narrow down what needs to be done in each room and go from there. Handling your cleaning one room at a time will increase organization and attention to detail, especially in those areas that get extra neglected during the colder months. Whether you start in the kitchen, the bathroom or the master bedroom—splitting up your cleaning tasks by each room will allow for a much more effective and successful spring cleaning. 

Spring-ify your McGuinn home

A much-needed spring cleaning will not only serve as a great icebreaker to get back into regular cleaning and organizing habits, but it can also inspire creativity. To take your seasonal deep clean to the next level, give your home a full refresh from top to bottom by incorporating spring-themed decor. Integrate the season of spring into your McGuinn home by adding some lightly colored curtains, a few house plants and some textured throw pillows to make it feel extra fresh and clean—and don’t forget to add some outdoor furniture to your porch or deck to enjoy the warm weather to the fullest. 

At McGuinn Hybrid Homes, we’re here to make your spring cleaning process easier with our dedication to serve our customers and their homes with the utmost care and craft. No matter the season, we know you’ll always love your home when it’s from McGuinn. Give us a call at (803) 917-5583 or contact us online today for any inquiries or information, and have a happy spring cleaning!

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