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Tips for Getting Your Home Back to Normal After the Holidays

December 21, 2018

Are you one of those people who gathers up the shreds of wrapping paper and ribbons as people are unwrapping their gifts? (Our hands are raised.) Do you feel the urge to take down all the decorations the day after the festivities, or do you like to let the look linger through New Year’s Day? However you approach the aftermath, you could probably use some tips for getting your home back to normal after the holidays. Count on McGuinn Hybrid Homes to share a few. Sort before you stash. Before you pack up all of your holiday decorations into the containers where they will hibernate for the next 11 months, look it over. You might have some items that are ready for retirement or to be passed along to someone else. Don’t take up precious storage space with decor that doesn’t excite you anymore. And if you open the storage containers and see decorative accents and ornaments you didn’t even use this season, it’s probably time to part with them as well. Check all holiday decorations and dishware for chips, cracks, and other damage that might render them part of your Christmas past. Sort your decor according to where and how it will be used, like Christmas tree ornaments, entryway decor, dishes and, serving ware. Small plates and saucers can be stacked with paper or styrofoam plates in between. Pack them in containers that are clearly labeled with the contents; be sure to put the label on more than one side so that you can see it even if the box is improperly stacked in storage. Wrap your string lights around spools or pieces of cardboard to prevent the tangled mess that is such an unwelcome sight when you’re ready to hang them up. Mark each string with the length and number of lights so it will be easy to grab the right ones next year. Start your spring cleaning a little early. After you organize Christmas ornaments and have packed up all remnants of holiday cheer, give your home a good cleaning. You’ll probably find an errant ornament that slipped away, a holiday accent you overlooked—did anyone remember to store the Elf on the Shelf?—and evergreen needles that are hiding in corners. Scrub the floors, dust away the glitter, and scrub spaces like the fireplace hearth and mantel, stair railings, window sills and trim, and other places that were graced with decor. Empty the fridge and get rid of leftovers and extraneous food items that have been pushed to the rear. Clean the interior shelves and drawers of the fridge. Then, tackle oven cleaning to get rid of all the spills that landed in there over the holidays. Rethink “normal”. You’ve already achieved one of the first steps in redecorating. You “de-decorated”—removing decor and furnishings that interrupted the holiday theme. Before you put back everything in its previous place, think about making a change. Spring will be coming, the season of rebirth. Start now by refreshing some spaces in your home. From repainting the trim to changing the color of an entire room, moving the furniture around, or doing a complete makeover, plan on heading back to normal with a new normal. You could even fill in the blanks that Santa left behind, like a chair for the living room, new bedding, or something smart—like a home hub, appliance, or thermostat. As you’re looking over and through your home, also ask yourself if this is where you want to be during the next holiday season, or even through the summer months, for that matter. If the answer is “no” or “not sure”, and you’re interested in the Columbia, SC, area, McGuinn Hybrid Homes has more tips. We build communities of single-family homes and townhomes that are fully appointed, energy-efficient, affordable, and located in very desirable areas. We have homes that are move-in ready right now, and we’d also like to help you build your dream home on your land. Once you’ve finished your post-holiday clean-up, find inspiration for next year by browsing our gallery and then let’s talk!  

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