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Today’s home buyer wants more. Energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important quality indicators when searching for homes. Luckily for them, McGuinn Hybrid Homes are designed with the environment in mind! McGuinn’s Riverton floor plan is a great example of a home design that will not only suit all your family’s present and future needs, but will save you money.

The Riverton plan includes a whopping 2,068 sq.ft. of space, with 3-4 bedrooms, 2-3 full baths and one-half bath, a kitchen with an oversized island and pantry, two car garage, and master bedroom with walk-in closet. An abundance of energy-efficient features make this large home a great and sustainable investment, including: tankless water heater, Low-E windows, dual programmable thermostat, radiant sheathing barrier, thermal enveloping air barriers, and much more.

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How do these energy-efficient components benefit you? Tankless water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed, and avoid the energy losses associated with storage tank heaters, saving you money. Window Low-E coatings can significantly affect the overall heating, lighting and cooling costs of a home. The “E” stands for emissivity, and reducing the emissivity of window glass surfaces improves its insulating properties, and can improve the insulation of your entire home from external temperatures. Programmable thermostats save energy and money, by running your heater and air conditioning only when you’re at home, through settings that take effect at different times of the day. When the sun heats the roof of your home, the sheathing warms up and radiates heat, which can make your home harder to cool. Radiant sheathing barrier is installed to absorb the heat rather than emit heat into your home, and benefits your home during cooler times as well. Thermal enveloping air barriers prevent air leaks and energy losses, low air quality and moisture damage. These and other green features make McGuinn homes “Hybrid” homes, which translates to healthier homes for you and your family.

“We find that nowadays, new home buyers are looking for much more than a beautiful design, and more than an innovative floor plan; they want a home that will grow with them and prove a great investment in the long run.” – Wade McGuinn, CEO of McGuinn Hybrid Homes

CEO Wade McGuinn

McGuinn Homes

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