Ideas for Bathroom Design on a Budget

Categories: Home Buying | Posted: October 19, 2018

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Bathroom Design on a BudgetDo you remember when the bathroom was strictly a utilitarian space? Homeowners didn’t invest time and money into making them more elegant—in part, because choices were limited. Not so, today! The bathroom has become an essential design feature, with many homeowners seeking that spa experience. Maybe the walk-through shower, freestanding soaker tub, and those stone vessel sinks you’ve been eyeing are out of reach for your price range, but McGuinn Hybrid Homes has some ideas for bathroom design on a budget.

#1. Determine and budget—and stick with it.

Before you set foot in a design center or home store, know your limits. How much can you afford? And when push comes to shove, where are you willing to budge on your budget? What are your priorities? If the tub is all important to you, shift some of your bathroom bucks from one feature to the cost of the tub.

#2. Start with color.

You might be surprised how the right color choice can spruce up the bathroom. For the price of a can of paint, you create the frame for your new bathroom. Soft colors are ideal for the “ah” of the spa you want, but don’t be afraid to go bold, if that’s your style.

#3. You can have your tub and shower, too.

You might want a separate shower and bathtub, but if that option is beyond your space and budget, consider a combination of garden tub with a showerhead. For a bit more luxury, add a tile surround with an inset shelf for soap, shampoo, and all the other incidentals. We include a garden tub and separate shower with tile surround, so if you’re buying your new construction home from McGuinn Hybrid Homes, this feature is already in your budget!

#4. Trim it out.

Accents like beadboard, shiplap, and wainscoting add texture and style to any room, so why not use this trim in your bathroom? With minimal wall space to cover, the cost is affordable.

#5. Top it off.

You have many choices of countertops for your bathroom vanities: solid surface, cultured marble, marble, laminate, and granite, for example. Your bathroom countertops aren’t subject to the heavy use as your kitchen countertops, so you can opt for the less expensive choices, like solid surface and cultured marble. Depending on the size of your vanity, you might not see a big price difference (or at least, not one that strains your budget). At McGuinn Hybrid Homes, however, we go for the granite. It’s included as a standard feature in our bathrooms.

#6. Look in the mirror.

A framed mirror adds a nice finish in the bathroom, and it’s an affordable way to upgrade the space. Choose a frame that reflects your personal style, from contemporary to coastal to vintage.

Every detail matters. When you want an award-winning, local homebuilder who appreciates that truth, talk to McGuinn Hybrid Homes. Our communities of new construction, single-family homes and townhomes are situated in prime locations around the Columbia, SC, region. We’re ready to build the home that suits your style, in our neighborhoods on on your own land. We make it affordable to get the home you want.


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