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Energy efficient new homes

June 21, 2021

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“Energy efficiency” is one of those phrases that seems to show up everywhere. It might be on a label on a specific appliance, the description of a vehicle or even used to describe a building. But what does it mean?

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute defines it as “using less energy to perform the same task” or “eliminating energy waste” and it is central to the mission of McGuinn Hybrid Homes. The locally-owned and operated business proudly builds energy efficient new homes in South Carolina that conserve water and energy, and save money without sacrificing comfort.

Read more below to learn about the energy efficient features included in each new home from McGuinn Hybrid Homes.

Why is energy efficiency so important?

Energy efficiency offers a number of benefits ranging from lowering household costs to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While that sounds like a tall task, McGuinn Hybrid Homes chooses to make a difference at home with modern construction techniques and efficient features that work seamlessly into day-to-day life.

Energy efficient features

One of the first steps in building one of McGuinn’s ENERGY STAR-certified homes is adding thermal barrier roofing that reflects heat, rather than absorbing it. This can reduce radiant heat transfer through the roof by up to 97 percent and lower attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit making your entire home cooler. 

In ceilings and walls, McGuinn adds high R-value insulation that creates an insulated thermal envelope that helps prevent air leakage. Spray sealant and mastic caulk complete the seal.

The use of natural gas heat is another important factor with the delivery being 90 percent efficient. Electric heat which is only 27 percent efficient.

Each home is also equipped with a 14 SEER HVAC system with a programmable thermostat, a tankless water heater, durable vinyl siding, and low-emissivity windows. ENERGY STAR appliances, low-flow or low-flush plumbing and CFL bulbs are added in the end for comfort and convenience. Together, these features save homeowners an average of $100 per month in utility costs and more than $100 each month in home maintenance costs.

Building with McGuinn

McGuinn Hybrid Homes builds in popular communities around Columbia, SC. If you are interested in building a new energy efficient home, contact us. The experienced team at McGuinn Hybrid Homes will find a floor plan and homesite that suits your unique needs.

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