Does your Builder have a Super Woman Warranty Extraordinaire Like Kay Johnson?

Categories: Buying a New Home | Posted: April 25, 2016

Are you looking for State of the Art Customer Service? Well McGuinn Homes is your Builder and Kay Johnson is your in house point of contact. Kay has been with McGuinn Homes for over 2.5 years after working Sales and Marketing for another builder, Kay has set her heart on Making Sure The CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS HAPPY! Mrs. Kay loves working the customer side with building because it gives her a sense of completion to help others. “When your passion is fulfilled then it is no longer work”, Kay.

The home buying process is one that can be very scary for a buyer and having that warranty can leave them with the peace of mind of knowing that they can rest assure that someone is there to speak  with them on the other end of the phone! It can be frustrating for a new home owner when issues arise. McGuinn Homes always gives each buyer a one year warranty. The Mcguinn team will do a follow up and make repairs at 3 months and again at 11 months, now that’s quality service! We want you to be able to live in your new home and love it.

A new home must go through cycles of heating and cooling so as the seasons change this will allow for the house to settle. When buying your new McGuinn Hybrid Home you can be assured that we will always respond in a timely fashion (usually within 24 hours)! Your home is our business! We at McGuinn Homes believe in a prompt response time, because this gets your family back to enjoying your new Hybrid Home.

Mrs. Kay wants every homeowner to know that they are a priority to the McGuinn Homes Family! We do care about you and your new home. We want you to love living in your new home. We know that if you love it you will purchase again or refer us to your family and friends. Our company has survived over 30 years in the local market because we build every McGuinn Hybrid Home with a Goldseal Promise for Quality and Service.

Communication is KEY!


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