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Columbia, SC: Ranked “One of the Best Cities” for These Jobs

March 6, 2019

In spite of all the efforts to the contrary, business and pleasure overlap. Smartphones are always within reach, so business contacts can reach you outside of work—texts, emails, calls, and social media messaging. Why not give in and choose a location where you can enjoy your career opportunities and lifestyle in harmony? McGuinn Hybrid Homes saw a recent study that showed Columbia, SC, ranked as “One of the Best Cities” for jobs in healthcare and legal occupations. The analysis was conducted by PropertyShark and showed that choosing the right location can make it easier to buy a home sooner. The study examined the median income of every occupation in each city they reviewed. Then they looked at the disposable income remaining after deducting median costs for rent and living expenses for those areas. “Most of the younger generation is mired in student loan debt and stuck paying high rent, with slim chances of saving even a penny for a down payment. Homeownership is especially hard for graduates that remain in high-cost cities after completing their studies,” the report stated. “Luckily, if you’re not too attached to the big city life, the right job in the right place can do wonders for your quest to save for a down payment.” Columbia was determined to be a great city for people pursuing careers in healthcare and law. The city ranked #2 overall for healthcare occupations, showing that an average earner in this industry could save up a 20% down payment in less than 2 years. Healthcare jobs span every aspect, from practitioner to technology professionals. Professionals in the legal field in Columbia could reach that goal even faster. The PropertyShark report showed that, based on a monthly median income of $7,851 and a median home price of $192,500 in this housing market, the 20% down payment—$38,500—could be saved in just 11 months. Buy a home sooner and with less money down The study calculated a median monthly rent at $1,035. Your monthly mortgage could be lower than your rent payment when you buy a home from McGuinn Hybrid Homes. We have a move-in ready home at 452 North Lee Street in Batesburg, SC, just a short drive from Downtown Columbia. Priced at $164,900, the mortgage payment is estimated to be $882, with no money down. Move into this new construction, single-family home right away and start using your money toward an investment instead of an expense. McGuinn Hybrid Homes’ new Leesville community, Hallman Meadows, is located near Lexington and Lake Murray. Live close to the city while enjoying life in the country—and take advantage of 100% financing through the USDA home loan program. Our energy-efficient, single-family homes here start in the mid-$100,000s. We have several nearing completion, with mortgages estimated from $958, based on zero down payment. Maybe you’d prefer a community with more amenities. Our Centennial at Lake Carolina community features a beautiful home at 905 Layton Way in Columbia. With just 3.5% down, you could own this home, priced at only $209,000—a great value for the included features, like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, wood flooring, crown molding, tankless hot water heater, and energy efficiency that lowers your cost of ownership. Before you postpone your decision to buy a home, get the facts on financing and new home prices. Columbia is an exciting city with plenty to offer, and McGuinn Hybrid Homes is ready to guide you on a direct path to homeownership.  

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