Meet Our Administator Wanda Harrill at Your New Buyer’s Orientation!

Categories: Buying a New Home | Posted: May 2, 2016

McGuinn Homes has A New Homebuyer Orientation

“You’ve Bought a Home Now What?”

You’ve Bought a Home Now What new buyers orientation was introduced at late 2014 to enhance the buyer experience at McGuinn Homes. Within 2 weeks of writing a contract on your McGuinn Hybrid Home, whether a build job or purchase of an inventory home, the buyer is contacted by Wanda Harrill! Wanda will be the super hero who gets you from contract to CLOSING! This appointment will take 1 hour, but it will be the best one hour you could spend, because at McGuinn we believe that education about the home buying and building process is key to a successful relationship.

Buyers are presented with their McGuinn homeowner’s manual which explains every component in your new hybrid home in detail! We will discuss Lending processes and how time is of the essence to get you close ON TIME! We have HOA management companies for our McGuinn communities and we want you to understand who to contact when early on so all of your questions and concerns are answered.  We provide a sheet with all the utilities companies and service providers and tell you how to get the services transferred and when. Every McGuinn Hybrid home we build is treated for termites and that transferrable termite bonds is our gift to you at closing.

It is imperative that buyers understand McGuinn Homes construction timelines, WALKs, Closing process and the Customer Service/Warranty support they will receive after moving in their beautiful home.  Praises have come from McGuinn Homes buyers when they leave this meeting for they are filled with knowledge and have a sense of calm for what is expected of them and the experiences that are forthcoming.  The McGuinn team feels this is an hour well spent to improve our Hybrid Home buyer’s relationship.

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