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How to Estimate the Price-Per-Square-Foot for Building a Home

Categories: About McGuinn Hybrid Homes, Buying a New Home | Posted: April 9, 2019

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Estimate PriceRecently, Tim Rawlings gave our readers some insight into building a home on your land. This discussion prompted questions about the cost of homebuilding from the ground up. Once again, we’ve turned to McGuinn Hybrid Homes’ expert to offer his take on how to estimate the price-per-square-foot for building a single-family home.

Tim says you first need to start by understanding what’s included in the price. “Most people see a price and think that is everything.” You can’t make assumptions, so be sure to cover all of the following components with the builder:

  • Site preparation
  • The shell, which is the basic frame of the home, without any additions or even the foundation
  • Insulation
  • 4-inch versus 6-inch studs
  • Foundation
  • Doors and windows
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Floor covering
  • Wall covering (paint, wallpaper)
  • Stairways
  • Cabinets and countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Trim and other special woodwork (e.g., crown molding, wainscoting, coffered ceiling)
  • Landscaping
  • Labor
  • Home plans
  • Permit fees
  • Inspection fees

The cost of building materials in a certain area will be impacted by the builder’s purchasing ability. A custom builder, for example, doesn’t purchase materials in high volume, so they pay a higher price. A company that works with their own plans is able to forecast their materials needs and can take advantage of volume discounts, which reduces the price to the homebuyer. This level of experience with the floor plans also prevents them from making mistakes in the quantities they need, like lumber and sheet rock.

Labor presents another variable. You’re basically paying for time here, so greater efficiency equates to a lower price. When a crew is working with plans for the first time, they’ll use more man-hours.

The building plans can be a significant factor in the total cost of your home. The design and floor plans for a custom home can cost $30,000 or more. You can purchase a set of plans online for about $1,000. McGuinn Hybrid Homes includes any of our plans in our price.

A dollar here, a dollar there per square foot—it all adds up to potentially paying more than you need, a lot more. McGuinn Hybrid Homes has the experience to carefully estimate each home we build. Our homebuyers choose one of our plans and then personalize it to fit their specific needs and style. We also include a basic landscaping package, something that is an add-on for many homebuilders. Our price is $64 to $84 per square foot for a single-family home using a McGuinn Hybrid Homes plan. In the Columbia, SC, area, a custom builder averages about $120 per square foot. When you choose the homesite or choose to build on your land, we’ll give you an all-inclusive price—and that will remain the price unless you make changes. This price also reflects our high standard for energy efficiency, adding even more lasting value to your home.

Your home warranty is also factored into the price of building your new home. All questions and claims are handled directly by McGuinn Hybrid Homes. We don’t hand it off to a third-party.

When you’re ready to build a new home in or around Columbia, trust the team at McGuinn Hybrid Homes to give you the quality design and construction, personal attention, and follow-through you deserve for your investment. Let’s talk about your ideas and see how we can work together, so that the only surprise you experience with your home is not the cost, but how fantastic it is!


Make Your First Home Your Own On a Budget

Categories: Buying a New Home, Homeowner tips | Posted: March 20, 2019

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Make Your Home Your OwnYou just got the keys to your new home. The euphoria of being a homeowner is almost overwhelming. You’ve alerted the movers to get a move on. Meanwhile, you walk into your empty home and start visualizing your new life there. You may have decorating ideas, but all of us at McGuinn Hybrid Homes know that those can change pretty quickly once reality jumps in. Check out these decorating tips to make your first home your own and still stay on a budget.

Unpack with care.

Maybe you purged your possessions before you packed up and moved here. Maybe you were so excited about the new space that you brought it all along. Either way, work slowly as you unpack. Think through the way you want your home to look. It’s not just about moving all your things from one location to the next. Your home is very personal and you’ve just bought yourself a fresh start. Make it count!

Hold that thought!

You’ll be tempted to jump right into decorating your new home, your way. But wait just a bit. Before you commit to painting the interior or changing anything significant, live in your home awhile. Get the feeling and the flow. Learn how you “fit” here. What worked in your apartment or previous home might not blend in with your new life.

Make a plan.

Decide on the details you want in your home. What theme matches your taste—modern farmhouse, country cottage, coastal, contemporary, eclectic, vintage, minimalist, maximalist, or something else? Really take the time to think it through.

Build a color palette that will flow throughout your home and reflects your chosen decor. Determine the flow of each room so you can avoid moving your furniture around too much. As you work from room to room, make notes about what you need to do—like getting pillows and accessories in a certain color scheme, changing the wall decor, picking out paint swatches, or replacing a piece of furniture.

Create an idea book, if you haven’t already. Look for photos that inspire you—from an entire room you admire to a single accent, like a lamp, vase, or area rug. Keep adding to your idea book, with paint samples and fabric swatches. Keep your idea book with you, in the event you come across something tempting to add.

Establish a decorating budget.

It’s easy to go overboard when decorating a new home. Little things add up, like the cooking utensils you want all in a specific color and the various items needed for bathroom decor. It’s also easy to make design mistakes—like an area rug or coffee table that’s too small or large. You might experience love at first sight with a sofa, only to find out it really doesn’t work in your living room.

Look at your new household budget as a homeowner. Calculate the amount you can spend on your decorating needs. Determine your priorities. Focus on one room at a time so you experience the gratification of completing one.

Shop creatively.

Now that you have a plan, a budget, and your priorities in place, start shopping. Stretch your budget by browsing in thrift shops and at flea markets. Look at Craigslist, letgo, and Facebook yard sale groups to find second-hand treasures locally. As you’re visiting thrift shops, let them know what you’re looking for and ask them to contact you when something new comes in.

Etsy has one-of-a-kind creations from artisans and craftspeople around the world, often very cost-effective, too! You’ll also be supporting independent businesspeople.

Choose one or two DIY projects that are within your skill set, like repainting a piece of furniture. Avoid any projects where you have to purchase too many tools and supplies.

You can turn everyday objects into decor. A Monopoly board can become a playful shelf with just a couple of brackets. Your favorite t-shirt or slightly damaged sweater will make a snuggly pillow. A basket can be mounted on a wall, with the opening facing outward, to store hand towels in your bathroom. Display your favorite books as wall art. Surround yourself with whatever brings you happiness. This is your home. Dwell in your joy!

McGuinn Hybrid Homes builds communities of new construction townhomes and single-family homes in the Columbia, SC area. Our affordable prices are ideal for the first-time homebuyer. Take a look at our move-in ready homes. Then, let’s talk about finding your first home with us.


Harbison Grove Is Bringing Affordable Luxury Townhomes to Columbia

Categories: Buying a New Home, Columbia, Coming Soon Community | Posted: March 13, 2019

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Harrison GroveThere’s so much happening in Columbia, SC, that you need enough free time to get out and experience it all. The low maintenance lifestyle that comes with a townhome would be a great match. McGuinn Hybrid Homes has the ideal opportunity with our new community. Harbison Grove is bringing affordable luxury townhomes to Columbia.

Location is one of the many desirable features of Harbison Grove. Set yourself right in the heart of Columbia’s energy and experiences. Columbiana Centre is only a few minutes from our community, along with Harbison State Forest—two very different choices for spending your free time. Head one way to take in a broad variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Or go in another direction to explore South Carolina’s natural beauty. Walk, jog, bike, canoe, or kayak to your heart’s content! Lake Murray is a little bit farther away, and you can easily spend a day or more.

Hop on I-26 to navigate in and out of Columbia. It’s an easy city for getting around—and well worth the time to experience the many faces of this Southern city. Whether you’re looking for authentic Southern cuisine, local artisanry, history and heritage, festivals, or a vibrant nightlife, you’ll find it all near Harbison Grove.

Contemporary design and a gated community

We’ve planned a unique look for this luxury, gated townhome community. Contemporary style sets these townhomes apart from anything currently being built in this region. The sleek lines reflect urban design. We coupled the exteriors with rich color and the rustic accent of stonework.

Inside, the 1,428-square-foot townhomes at Harbison Grove continue the modern look with open concept floor plans that are filled with natural light. Granite countertops and designer cabinetry set the tone for style. The oversized center island provides extra space for prep and the breakfast bar adds casual dining to the mix. McGuinn Hybrid Homes includes stainless steel ENERGY STAR appliances, part of our commitment to building energy-efficient homes.

You can choose from 2 floor plans: 2 or 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The 2-bedroom option has walk-in closets for each bedroom. The 3-bedroom design provides a walk-in closet for the master suite, while maintaining the size of the other 2 bedrooms. No matter which one you select, your townhome includes 2.5 baths. You’ll also appreciate the smart details of a rear patio with a storage closet, a large laundry room, and a closet by the front entry.

Prices start at only $133,900 for the 2-bedroom townhomes and $139,900 for the 3-bedroom design. It doesn’t get more affordable than this to live in a new construction townhome in a gated Columbia community! Come see Harbison Grove now and tour our currently available move-in ready townhomes. McGuinn Hybrid Homes is offering a move-in bonus for the first 10 townhomes: a refrigerator, washer and dryer, and 2-inch faux wood blinds on all operable windows. Get in touch now so you can be one of the first residents at Harbison Grove and take advantage of this special offer.


First-time Homebuyer Tips: What You Should Know About Financing

Categories: Buying a New Home, Home Buying | Posted: February 27, 2019

McGuinn Hybrid Homes FinancingBuying your first home is exciting, particularly when you’re fully prepared for the journey. When you’ve never traveled the path to homeownership, you should learn the route. McGuinn Hybrid Homes has these first-time homebuyer tips to cover what you should know about financing, the key to achieving your dream!

1. Talk to a lender first.

Before you click on a listing or contact a Realtor, talk to a mortgage professional. This vital step will help you understand what you are likely to be approved for, and the mortgage pre-approval works in your favor when you’re making an offer; the seller has proof that you’re a qualified buyer, which is a competitive edge against those who missed this step.

2. Learn the facts about down payments.

You might have accepted the misinformation that you need 20% of the purchase price to put a down payment on a home.

Not true!

The average down payment on a home these days is about 10%. With mortgage programs like USDA, Veterans Affairs, and FHA home loans, you might be able to finance as much as 100% of the purchase price, including closing costs. The USDA home loan and VA home loan allow for zero down payment for qualified buyers and homes. The FHA mortgage program requires only 3.5% down when your credit score is 580 or above. If your FICO score is between 500 and 579, you could still qualify but will the program will require a 10% down payment. Even a conventional home loan can require as little as 3% down (known as the conventional 97% loan-to-value program).

If you put less than 20% down payment on a home, you could be required by the lender to purchase private mortgage insurance (PMI). This cost is about 0.3% to 1.5% of the loan amount per year, and determined by your credit history. The PMI is included in your monthly mortgage payment. Once you’ve reached the point where the balance of your loan is equal to 80% of the home’s assessed value, you can cancel the PMI.

3. Estimate what you can afford.

Just like you should know how much of a mortgage you qualify for, you need to know how the purchase price impacts your monthly payment. Expenses like homeowner’s insurance, property tax, PMI, and HOA fee will be incorporated into your mortgage. Those fees are paid directly from your escrow account so you don’t need to worry about them.

Use this Zillow mortgage calculator to see how the purchase price and associated fees leads you to a payment you can afford.

4. Research mortgage lenders.

Not every lender has the expertise to handle your mortgage needs. It pays to shop around. Some are more familiar with programs like USDA, FHA, and FHA. If that’s the direction you’re heading, ask your prospective mortgage company about their experience with these programs. Find out about the interest rates and fees they charge, too, because those usually vary from one company to the next.

McGuinn Hybrid Homes works with Southern First because they’ve proven their expertise in guiding our homebuyers through financing a new home. Whether someone is buying a move-in ready home or building with us, Southern First’s Carter Weston knows the process and makes sure every step is handled in a timely way.

When your new home search steers you to the Columbia, SC, area, we invite you to talk to us. Browse our communities  of townhomes and single-family homes. Or let’s discuss how we can build one of our energy-efficient homes on your own land!


These New Homes Are Move-in Ready. Are YOU?

Categories: Buying a New Home, Home Buying | Posted: January 16, 2019

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Move-in Ready 2019Our crews have been busily building over the last few months and we’ve got a lot to show for that effort. McGuinn Hybrid Homes has communities of single-family homes and townhomes all over the Columbia, SC, area. Right now, these new homes are move-in ready. The question is, are YOU?

Hillcreek, Columbia, SC

112 Aspen Court is a custom home on a wooded lot. With 2,313 square feet of indoor living space, this new construction home combines comfort, style, and energy efficiency. The master suite and 2 more bedrooms are located on the second floor, while the main floor features an open concept—a large, center island kitchen, family room, and dining area—plus a flex room by the foyer. $219,900

Crystal Cove, Irmo, SC

106 Crystal Manor Drive is the only move-in ready home now available in this popular community, and it’s a great choice for families. With 5 bedrooms—each with its own walk-in closet—3.5 baths, an upstairs loft, deluxe kitchen, and large, covered porch, this new home welcomes your busy household. $299,900

Panorama Point, Gilbert, SC

511 Sunny Cove Court presents a stunning home in an equally distinctive neighborhood. We expanded the Cleveland floor plan to 3,618 square feet that includes 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a gourmet kitchen, loft,  and a wealth of details in a luxury home. Details include coffered ceiling, expansive kitchen island, large windows that stream natural light into the home, and an awe-inspiring owner’s suite. $799,900

Harbour Watch on Lake Murray, Leesville, SC

115 Southpark Place will set you up right away for lakeside living. Check out the curb appeal on this two-story, brick home with a large covered porch. Inside, you have 3,343 square feet that features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, an open concept in the main living area, and a flex space that could be used as a formal dining room, home office, playroom, or other function.  Take a virtual tour now! Boat storage is also available with this home for just $300 a year. $379,900

Summerlake, Lexington, SC

249 Garden Gate Way presents a unique exterior that combines stone, board and batten, and horizontal vinyl siding. Inside, the Wilshire floor plan offers a first-floor master suite, with 3 more bedrooms upstairs—each with a walk-in closet—a total of 3.5 baths, loft, and designer kitchen. The covered patio extends the living area outside. $320,792

578 Hopscotch Lane shows off the qualities of our 2,507-square-foot Meadowbrook floor plan—a 2-story home with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, second-floor laundry, a chef’s kitchen with granite countertops, and a spacious open floor plan that’s perfect for entertaining. $244,900

Woodmill, Lexington, SC

202 Woodmill Circle is now ready! Explore all the possibilities for decorating the versatile Stonebridge design. The spacious master suite provides a well-deserved haven in this home. You’ll also appreciate the hardwood floors, crown molding, 9-foot ceilings, and design details that McGuinn Hybrid Homes included in the 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home’s 2,307 square feet. $247,900

Centennial at Lake Carolina, Columbia, SC

913 Layton Way offers an inviting home in the award-winning Lake Carolina community! Live lakeside where you have an abundance of amenities. This single-level, Woodland design features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Perfectly sized for the first-time homebuyer, empty-nester, or as a vacation retreat, this home’s 1,700 square feet are creatively used for convenience, comfort, and style. $209,000

932 Layton Way presents a real charmer. The single-level brick home is accented with board and batten siding. Step inside to 1,506 square feet of energy efficient living, without compromising the features you want in a new home—3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a comfortably sized kitchen with an open concept to the great room and dining area. $199,000

Cumberland Place, West Columbia, SC

219 Shell Mound Court and 211 Shell Mound Court each reflect McGuinn Hybrid Homes creativity with the Stonebridge floor plan, a 2.317-square-foot, 2-story design with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and both a covered front porch and rear patio. The first-floor master suite is accented with a tray ceiling and luxurious master bath, with convenient access to the laundry. $200,900

Harbison Grove, Columbia, SC

435 Angel Grove Lane, 437 Angel Grove Lane, and 439 Angel Grove Lane present the first 2-bedroom townhomes available in this brand new community. Each one provides 1,428 square feet that includes a large kitchen, open floor plan, 2.5 baths, walk-in closets in each bedroom, and a rear covered patio that includes a locking storage closet. $133,900

Find your new home and a new lifestyle in one of these move-in ready homes, or check out the floor plans available in our communities or to that we can build on your land. McGuinn Hybrid Homes takes pride in the quality of our craftsmanship, energy-efficient design, and the personal service you’ll always experience with our team. Let’s see where life will take you!


Looking to Buy a New Home in 2019? Consider These Tips.

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McGuinn Hybrid Homes New Home Buyer Tips

The new year is still fresh. Maybe you haven’t given a lot of thought yet to the next 12 months. Or maybe you have. No matter how good or bad 2018 was for you, you’ve got a fresh start right now. How are you going to make the most of it? Are you looking to buy a new home in 2019? It’s a good time right now. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, consider these tips, courtesy of McGuinn Hybrid Homes.

It’s a big decision but doesn’t have to be a permanent one.

You might fear the commitment of buying a home. What if you decide to move in a couple of years? You can’t predict the future, but don’t postpone your life for the “what if’s”. If you decide to move in a couple of years, you can sell or rent your home, and likely turn a profit. Instead of paying rent, invest in a home. Real estate values are on the rise—but so are home prices and interest rates. The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay.

Add up the total cost of ownership.

The price you pay for a home isn’t the same as the cost to own it. You might find that a resale home is less expensive than a new one, but you should consider the other funds you’ll need to invest. Add in everything necessary to make this home the way you want it—like replacing a roof or air conditioning system, buying major appliances, redoing the floors, and rewiring for your smart technology.

While an existing home might appear to save you money, there could be a lot more costs involved in actually owning it. Remember that a new home comes with brand new systems and appliances. It comes with numerous warranties. You don’t have to worry about footing the bill for repairs. How much is THAT worth to you?

Pay attention to the energy efficient features.

Don’t underestimate that value of a well-built home that reflects a builder’s commitment to energy efficiency. From the construction and HVAC system to the appliances, insulation, and fixtures, everything contributes to the carbon footprint of your home. A home should be designed, engineered, and built to “perform”—creating a comfortable, safe atmosphere while using less energy. Why pay more to heat or cool your house because it doesn’t have top-notch insulation in the walls and ceilings, and radiant barrier sheathing in the attic? Plus, systems like a tankless water heater save energy, work better, and last longer.

You’ll be paying energy bills as long as you own your home, so be sure to consider everything that impacts those costs. Also, remember that an energy-efficient home carries a higher resale value than those that are not as eco-friendly. Take a look at these “green building” features included in McGuinn Hybrid Homes so you can see how they affect your investment.

Talk to a mortgage lender first.

There are plenty of mortgage programs out there. Before you start looking for a home, learn which one best fits your financial situation. If you don’t have a large down payment, ask about programs, like FHA home loans, that require as little as 3.5% down. A mortgage professional can also give you guidance on preparing to buy a home. Find out how to improve your credit score, how much to set aside for closing costs, and what’s involved in getting a mortgage. You should also get pre-approved so you can shop for a home that’s within your reach.

If your new home search brings you to the Columbia, SC, area, talk to us at McGuinn Hybrid Homes. Our communities of new construction, single-family homes and townhomes are located near the lakes, in good school districts, and close to all the amenities you need. Want to build a home on your land? We have experience with that, too.

With mortgage payments that could be less than your current rent, you owe it to yourself to make this important move in 2019.


Renting Versus Buying: Which Choice is Right for You?

Categories: Buying a New Home, Home Buying | Posted: December 19, 2018

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Renting Vs Buying

Your biggest monthly living expense is probably the rent or mortgage payment. Every month, when you write that rent check, do you wonder how long you’ll be repeating this process? Buying a home is a scary proposition for some people. They fear the long-term commitment to the property and the return on investment. As you’re pondering, renting versus buying, McGuinn Hybrid Homes offers these things to consider to determine which choice is right for you.

When renting makes sense.

For the short-term, renting can be a viable option, particularly when you’re just getting to know an area. You can take your time checking out towns and neighborhoods, looking at schools and commutes, and exploring the local amenities. If that’s your plan, look into tenant-at-will agreements, where you don’t need to sign a long-term lease, but can simply offer 30-day notice that you’re leaving.

People who are in an uncertain situation—with employment or financial struggles, for example—may also opt for renting. Again, it should be viewed as a temporary solution, while you build up your buying strength.

The value of buying a home.

The biggest difference between buying a renting a home or apartment is in the equity. Rent is an expense. A mortgage is an investment. With every mortgage payment, you gain equity—getting closer to ownership. As your property value increases, so does your equity. With housing values on the rise, the return on your investment grows. If you had bought a home last year for $200,000, it could be worth $220,000 today, even if you made no upgrades whatsoever.

As a renter, the equity goes in the landlord’s pocket.

Buy a home. Get tax deductions.

Homeownership comes with the benefit of deductions on your income tax return. Every year, you can deduct the mortgage interest, property tax, and mortgage insurance premiums. When you buy your home, you can claim the points you paid for closing costs.

If you have a dedicated home office, you gain even more deductions as a homeowner. A portion of your mortgage, home insurance, and utilities is deductible for space that is used exclusively for business.

Either choice is getting more expensive.

Every year, you can expect your rent to go up. The landlord may call it a “cost of living” increase, even though the property’s mortgage has likely stayed the same. Your landlord is profiting from your decision to postpone buying a home. Wouldn’t you rather be in that position?

The cost of homes and mortgages is going up, so the longer you wait to buy, the more it will cost you. As you put off making the decision, you’re missing out on the equity you could be reaping. The affordability of a new home is getting tighter, as the home you could buy now might be out of your reach in six months, with the rise in the home’s price and interest rate.

Plus, if the rate actually drops, you can refinance. If you decide to move, you can become that landlord who makes a profit on someone else’s decision to rent.

The best step to take when you’re uncertain is to contact an experienced lender. This professional can discuss the mortgage programs that are available to you now, so you can make an informed decision. With so many choices—including 100% financing or low down payments—you might be surprised at your buying power.

Take a look at McGuinn Hybrid Homes’ communities of single-family homes and townhomes in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding cities and towns. Our energy-efficient features conserve energy, lower utility bills, and increase the resale value. In the month of December, McGuinn Hybrid Homes is offering special pricing and incentives on a selection of our move-in ready homes.

Stop wasting your money. Get on the path to homeownership. Contact McGuinn Hybrid Homes to get started.


Discover Woodmill: New Homes Are Coming to Lake Murray

Categories: About McGuinn Hybrid Homes, Buying a New Home, Home Buying, Lake Murray, News & Announcements | Posted: November 28, 2018

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Woodpile Lake MurrayMcGuinn Hybrid Homes has begun a unique community of new construction homes in the scenic area outside of Columbia, SC. You could be one of the first to discover Woodmill, where new homes are coming to Lake Murray in Lexington, SC.

Start with the right location

For this new community, McGuinn Hybrid Homes chose a location that’s near Lake Murray and the Saluda River, so homeowners can experience the benefits of these beautiful waterways. Off Corley Mill Road, Woodmill is surrounded by wooded areas, adding to the natural feeling of living out in the country, even though the city is just 15 miles away. You can easily commute to and from your peaceful community or head into the city for Columbia’s wealth of urban activities.

Students who live in Woodmill attend Midway Elementary, Meadow Glen Middle, and River Bluff High School—all highly rated for academics and the overall educational experience.

Living in Woodmill means you can spend a day on the lake—fishing, boating, swimming, and other water sports, hiking, camping, or simply picnicking by the shore. You’re close to championship golf courses, tennis clubs, parks, playgrounds, and more recreational venues. And with Columbia’s weather, you have many months to get out and get physical!

Your country lifestyle will also include farm-fresh food. Lexington’s weekly farmer’s market runs from May through September. It’s a popular place to get the first pick of the harvest, explore the work of local artisans, and meet up with friends and neighbors.

Lexington is also home to the Icehouse Amphitheater, a local destination for world-class entertainment. The site was purchased by the Town of Lexington in 2012. The facility is evolving into a community hub, with outdoor concerts, movies, and special events. As a Lexington resident, you’ll see the Icehouse continue to be an inviting destination in your hometown.

Create the right lifestyle

The homesites at Woodmill are designed for privacy, with woods defining the outer boundary. In the center of the community, the backyards are separated by an alley-like drive, rather than backing up to one another.

McGuinn Hybrid Homes designed the floor plans here for a comfortable 2,307 square feet, and with the versatility and flexibility to make the home uniquely your own. With prices starting in the mid-$200,000’s for a 4-bedroom home, you get quality construction and standard features that will feel far more luxurious.

As part of our energy-efficient construction, McGuinn Hybrid Homes builds with thermal enveloping air barriers, which protects your home from costly air leaks. We incorporate eco-friendly natural gas heat and Low E windows. The tankless water heater installed in every home doesn’t run out of hot water like conventional water heaters that store it up. Instead, the tankless system heats on demand, which uses less energy and delivers a steadier flow of hot water. The slow-flow faucets conserve water without compromising water pressure, and dual programmable thermostats give you more control over the indoor temperatures.

We also include ENERGY STAR-certified appliances. A stainless steel Frigidaire smooth top range, microwave, and dishwasher are installed in our homes, giving you the peace of mind that comes with lasting quality.

We also build in style and comfort, like a first-floor master suite, walk-in closets with every bedroom, and a covered front porch and rear patio.

Lexington delivers a quality of life that could be perfect for you. Come and see what we’re talking about. Contact us to see what’s coming to Woodmill, including three new homes now under construction. With payments as low as $1,527 per month, a new home and a new location could be more affordable than you imagined!


4 Tips for Choosing the Right Build On Your Lot Property

Categories: Buying a New Home, Home Buying | Posted: November 26, 2018

McGuinn Hybrid Homes_Tips for BOYLWhat does the dream of your next home look like? Is it out in the country or in a neighborhood? If you can’t seem to find the right home in the right place, maybe you’ve decided to find the land and hire a builder to construct your dream home. When that’s the direction you’re taking, McGuinn Hybrid Homes has tips for choosing land to build on your lot.

#1. Talk to a builder before you buy.

As appealing as a piece of undeveloped land may look, unless you understand excavation and building, don’t assume it’s buildable. Save yourself the time and trouble (and money!) by talking to a builder first. You might discover that not every building company is willing to build on land they don’t already own. Make sure you find one who has experience with site preparation, which includes demolition and excavation. For example, if an existing home is demolished without a permit, you can run into delays because all of the material removed from the site needs to be accounted for (e.g., where did the asbestos go?).

Talk to the builder about the property you’re looking for. Ask if they’ll take a look at the land before you enter a bid or make a purchase. In some cases, you can make an offer and include the contingency that the land (1) must pass the percolation (“perc”) test for septic, (if it hasn’t been tested already); and (2) must be approved by the builder as a “buildable” lot.

#2. Look for the right combination.

Tim Rawlings, McGuinn Hybrid Homes’ Lot Sales and Marketing Manager, advises you to look for three factors when choosing land to build on:

“It should be flat, cleared, with water and sewer.”

Land that is level and cleared requires considerably less site prep, which means the overall cost to build a home is less. McGuinn Hybrid Homes bases its homebuilding prices on a slab foundation, which requires flat land. Even if you want a crawl space under your home, you need to start with level land.

Property that has water and sewer lines available is less expensive than digging a septic system and a well.

Tim says it can be difficult to find land that has all three characteristics, but it’s helpful to understand why they are important to your building plans.

#3. Reconsider the neighborhoods.

Before you fall in love with a homesite that’s available within a community, find out the restrictions of building a home there. You might have to submit your plans to an architectural review board for that neighborhood. Their requirements could cause you to run up a significant expense for redoing the plans to their liking.

#4. Avoid the tax pitfall with farm land.

Are you getting a parcel from the family’s land? If that piece of land has been taxed as agricultural, make sure you designate only the land you’re building on as residential. At least in South Carolina, the tax rate between agricultural land and residential land can make a big difference in your cost. When converting the land to residential, be aware that roll-back taxes may be involved.

As with any big decision, do your homework. You can avoid the pitfalls that could be lurking beneath that scenic piece of land by consulting a knowledgeable builder. In the Columbia, SC, area, talk to Tim at McGuinn Hybrid Homes. You can count on his deep experience in excavation, site prep, home design, and energy-efficient construction.

If you decide you’d rather buy a move-in ready home or build in one of our many communities of single-family homes, take a look at all that we have to offer!

Buy a Home That’s Ready for the Holidays

Categories: Buying a New Home, Home Buying | Posted: November 1, 2018

McGuinn Hybrid Homes Holiday-Ready HomesHave you been naughty or nice this year? Either way, you can’t expect Santa to bring you a new home for Christmas, but you can still be living in a new home by the time he comes down the chimney. With McGuinn Hybrid Homesmove-in ready homes, you’ll be in your new place in time to light the Yule log in the fireplace. Buy a home that’s ready for the holidays, like one of these single-family homes for sale in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding cities and towns.

Centennial at Lake Carolina, Columbia, SC

McGuinn Hybrid Homes has a community within one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in northeast Columbia. Spend your holidays lakeside, finish up your shopping at the nearby Village at Sandhill Mall, and plan to spend New Year’s Eve at one of the country clubs close to Centennial at Lake Carolina.

913 Layton Way offers 1,700 square feet of finished living space, with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. A combination of style, convenience, and energy-efficiency, this single-level, Woodland floor plan features granite countertops, a garden tub in the master bath with a separate shower, 9-foot ceilings, 2-car garage, and energy efficient features that include tankless water heater, plus much more! $229,900

932 Layton Way showcases our popular Calhoun home design. Perfect for the first-time homebuyer or downsizer, this 1,506-square-foot home presents a welcoming first impression, with a brick facade and covered front porch. Step inside to a light-filled open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths, fully appointed and ready for your holiday decor. $219,900

Harbour Watch, Leesville, SC

Spend your holidays on Lake Murray when you choose to live at Harbour Watch. This gated community has a clubhouse where you can celebrate with your new neighbors and friends, as well as many more amenities and a picturesque location.

115 Southpark Place presents our spacious, 3,343-square-foot Aiken design. The brick home gives you plenty of room to entertain. The expansive open concept incorporates a great room, gorgeous kitchen, and dining room—surrounded by large windows that allow the sunshine to light up the interior. The master suite is situated on the first floor, with 3 more bedrooms upstairs, and a total of 2.5 baths. Boat owners will appreciate the deeded boat slip included with this home. $379,900

Spence Plantation, Lexington, SC

Are you looking for a lake home with plenty of space, indoors and out? Spence Plantation gives you an idyllic lifestyle in a gated community on Lake Murray. Every home we build here is designed for 4 to 6 bedrooms, and the design details you want—and deserve.

18 Due West Drive is distinctive from first glance. This stately brick home is designed in McGuinn Hybrid Homes’ Cleveland floor plan, with 4,361 square feet, 4 bedrooms, and 3.5 baths. Step inside and discover how these numbers translate to grandeur and exceptional design. Details like coffered ceilings, a massive owner’s closet, chef’s kitchen with a butler’s pantry, and built-in bookcases enhance this executive home. $529,900

Pintail Point, Leesville, SC

McGuinn Hybrid Homes offers yet another fine community of new homes on Lake Murray. Luxury living is defined here by oversized lots and community amenities that take full advantage of the scenic location: lakefront clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, and nature trails.

112 Pintail Lake Drive is waiting for you to bring your holiday spirit! Picture your lights and decorations on the front porch of this Craftsman-inspired Cleveland floor plan. With 3,387 square feet of stylish living space, you’ll have plenty to celebrate. This new construction home includes a first-floor guest suite. The owner’s suite upstairs provides the ideal retreat during the hectic holidays. This modified Cleveland also features a third suite—a total of 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. There’s nothing ho-ho-hum about this stunning luxury home. $379,900

Before Black Friday strikes, start your holiday shopping with McGuinn Hybrid Homes. All of these homes and more are move-in ready right now! Get in touch to learn more and plan your personal tour.