Wade McGuinn answering the call to help rebuild Haiti.

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From ABC- WOLO News in Columbia:

A Midlands man may be answering the call to help rebuild Haiti. Wade McGuinn is a local home builder in Lexington who’s helping construct an orphanage in Haiti. He’s on standby right now waiting to find out if he’ll be needed to help with the massive rebuilding mission.

McGuinn is the founder of the Haiti Children Project. He’s building a new orphanage about 140 miles from the quake’s epicenter in a town named Jeremie. The 29 children of the orphanage are said to be OK. It’s the other children, in the area of Port Au Prince, at ground zero, that McGuinn doesn’t know about. McGuinn says they have not been able to get in touch with the staff at another orphanage run by the Methodist Church of Haiti and started by a mission group of Methodists from the United States. Also, one of McGuinn’s friends, fellow humanitarian Jim Gulley, is among the missing in Haiti, according to the Summit Daily News in Colorado. McGuinn could leave for Haiti within the next few days to get on the ground and plan for the rebuilding effort.

For More Information on Disaster Relief and Haiti Childrens Project:


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